Delphi Value Investments

Delphi Value Investments is an Investment Advisory firm based in Arizona.

We manage our clients’ money in Separately Managed Accounts using a Value-Based approach. We think of our investments as fractional ownership in a business, not as owning a piece of paper. We invest our money the same as our investors.


We start with valuing a company like a private business. So we make conservative valuation and then we look at the stock price. If the price is way less than our estimate of intrinsic value we will likely buy the stock.

Concentrated Investments
(6-15 holdings)

To paraphrase Warren Buffett. Nobody ever did well investing in their 73rd best idea.

If you look at most of the people on Forbes 400 list you will notice that they got there by making few, infrequent, and big investments. We are trying to emulate this.


We must act soley in our clients' best interest. For more information see these links: South Dakota Section 20:08:05:28 and SEC AD Overview.

Invest the same

Investing our money the same way as our clients is extremely important to us. We eat our own cooking.

Interactive Brokers™ as Broker and Custodian

We are not a Broker or a registered representative. We are concerned about growing and managing your money in the best way we know possible. Not in making trading commissions.

Interactive Brokers™ is our preferred Custodian/Broker, this means that your money is sent to an account with them and not with us.

You give us discretionary authority(buying/selling) privileges.

If at any time you are not satisfied you may close your account with no additional fees.

Long Term

We take a long term view and believe our investments will be proven correct over a number of years, not in days or months.

It is more important to worry about the operations of the business than what the change in stock price is in a short period of time.


We don’t believe in growth or value stocks. A stock simply represents ownership in an actual operating business. The future prospects will certainly change the value of the business, but we don’t pigeonhole ourselves into classifications.

Long vs Short

"Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent."

-John Maynard Keynes

That is why we do not short.

The Delphi Name

Oracle’s told prophecies, similar to that, we are trying to predict the future of businesses. So, we decided to name ourselves after the best one.


A rather simple process that can be completed in just an hour.
  1. Client Questionnaire to make sure that our investment style is suitable for each person.
  2. Contract between Delphi Value Investments and the Client.
  3. Open an account with Interactive Brokers.


Money will be mainly invested in common stocks.

At times we may buy bonds, preferred stock, or other securities, though this will be on very rare occasions.

Long Term

Though you can close your account at any time, we only accept clients that intend to have their money invested for 3 years or more.


Minimum $100,000 Investment.

President/Investment Manager

Anthony Morley
731 E Fillmore St
Tempe, AZ 85281
P: 605-730-0313